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Here are some of the many suggested offerings available


•Pesto grilled chicken breast

•Lemon pepper chicken breast

•Montreal style chicken breast

•Chimichurri chicken breast

•Barbecue style chicken breast

•Mojito Lime grilled chicken breast

•Balsamic glazed grilled chicken breast

•Chicken Parmesan

•Braised chicken in red wine, mushrooms, Vidalia onions and sweet peppers

•Mediterranean style oven roasted chicken breast with olives, tomatoes, red onions, peppers and mushrooms

•Oven roasted chicken thighs with a Mediterranean seasoning

•Italian herbed pork loin

•Grilled and smoked pork loin

•Barbecue seasoned pork loin

•Italian sausage and peppers - with or without potatoes

•Slow roasted and hand pulled pork shoulder -with or without BBQ sauce

•Slow braised and hand pulled beef shoulder – with or without BBQ sauce

•Balsamic glazed, oven roasted pork loin

•Grilled London broil steak with house seasoning

•Grilled barbecue seasoned London Broil

•Garlic & herb marinated sliced beef

•Grilled beef tenderloin – Market Price per person

•Prime Rib – Market Price per person


•Mojito lime shrimp

•Lemon pepper shrimp

•Garlic herbed marinated shrimp

•BBQ style seasoned grilled shrimp

•Sweet & sour glazed shrimp

•House Blend dusted and pan seared salmon

•Lemon pepper salmon

•Garlic herbed salmon

•Sweet & Sour glazed salmon

•House blend dusted and pan seared cod

•House blend dusted and pan seared tilapia

•Mojito lime tilapia

•BBQ dusted and pan seared tilapia

Other Entrée options

•Eggplant Parmesan

•Plant based proteins available upon request

Side Dishes

•Oven roasted Yukon Gold potatoes

•Mashed Yukon gold potatoes with garlic

•Mashed sweet potatoes

•Mashed butternut squash

•Oven roasted butternut squash

•Oven roasted asparagus with garlic

•French green beans with garlic

•Oven roasted squash, zucchini and eggplant in a garlic tomato sauce

•Oven roasted Italian vegetables with a lemon vinaigrette

•Smoked Gouda and bacon mac & cheese

•4 cheese mac & cheese

•Mexican style spicy mac and cheese with Hatch chiles

•Carolina Gold rice pilaf

•Spanish style black beans with garlic and cilantro

•BBQ baked beans with maple syrup, brown sugar and bacon

•Oven roasted broccoli

•Oven roasted cauliflower

•Oven roasted or steamed Brussels Sprouts

•Sauteed baby spinach and garlic


•Pan roasted corn and three bean salad in an avocado crema

•Fall harvest grain quinoa & apple salad with a Fuji apple vinaigrette

•Italian pasta salad with olives, tomatoes, artichokes, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and basil with a Balsamic vinaigrette

•Greek style bean salad with feta cheese

•Lobster corn salad with bell peppers, scallions and parsley

•Traditional Cole slaw

•Traditional Yukon Gold potato salad

•Traditional Garden salad with tomatoes, cucumbers & red onions served with 3 dressings (Italian, Ranch and Caesar)


•Penne or Rigatoni marinara

•Penne or Rigatoni basil pesto

•Penne, Rigatoni or Tortellini in an Alfred0 sauce

•Cavatelli with garlic & broccoli

•Gnocchi marinara or basil pesto

•Cannelloni with marinara or Alfredo sauce


•Assorted cookie platter

•Mini Crème Brulé cups

•Mini Chocolate Mousse parfaits

•Mini Cheesecake cup parfaits

•Assorted Bundt cake platter

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